Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the Cards Against Humanity Lab, where we test out cards to figure out which are the funniest as we continue to update the game and write new expansions. You play rounds of Cards Against Humanity with random internet strangers, either as a regular player or as the judge (Card Czar). We record which cards got picked and which cards won to figure out which ones are the funniest, scientifically speaking.

Just like the real game, the cards you pick will be sent to a judge, who will pick their favorite white card for a given black card. Every 5 rounds, it’ll be your turn to be the judge!

Yes! Likewise, when you judge a round, the players who submitted the cards will get to see what you picked. So choose carefully!

No, it’s random.

As soon as enough people see the same black card, another player will be assigned to judge the round. It might take a little while, but you can check your history/stats page to see if you won and which other white cards were played. If you want to get technical, the Lab is an “asynchronous multiplayer” game.

Separately from picking cards to submit and from judging, you can react to any card you see. Let us know if a card was really funny, even if you didn’t pick it. Let us know if you don’t get the joke, or hate it. We also keep track of emoji reactions to help us pick cards for the game.

If you really hate a card, hit “report” and we’ll review it and potentially remove it from the Lab. Please save this for cards that are especially offensive or otherwise bad.

Since 2019, we’ve been training an A.I. to write Cards Against Humanity cards. (We’re A.I. hipsters—we’ve been at this since GPT-2.) So you might see a fraction of A.I.-generated content mixed in your rounds. They’re usually not very funny, but on rare occasions they’re weird and surprising and delightful. Part of the goal of the Lab is to help us find the best A.I cards.

If you can’t tell, then we’re all doomed.

Yeah… we don’t trust you with that power.

For privacy reasons, we don’t store email addresses. That means there’s no way to recover your account. But feel free to create a new account, we don’t mind.

By waiting a year.

We store any information you give us on the demographics form, as well as all the cards you pick, react to with emojis, or report. We then use it to figure out which cards were picked the most often and by what kind of players. We care about your privacy, so we are not storing any information that can be traced back to you.

Cards Against Humanity is way more fun in person, so there’s no official way to play online with friends. If you absolutely must, there are a few third-party options to try. Just google them.

No you don’t. But you can submit your ideas anonymously here if you want to. We promise never to look at them.

We do! And if you’d like to do one with your friends, you can sign up here!